Leading the field of sports medicine on the kenai peninsula

SportsMed Alaska was founded in 2014 by Dr. Herbert Boté, who brings with him over 20 years of Orthopaedic Surgery experience.

In this adventurous community, chances are you or someone you know has an injury or might be experiencing pain. Dr. Boté and his team pride themselves on a customer service approach to orthopedic sports medicine; our patients are our #1 Priority.  We recognize that health and well-being are imperative to living life to its fullest. We would be honored to assist you back to your optimum health.

Dr. Boté’s care philosophy centers around helping a patient identify and select the best course of treatment for the pain they are experiencing.  While x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and other imaging are critical tools for diagnosing osteoarthritis, fractures, bone spurs, tears and other injuries, the conditions reported by the patient about the degrees of pain and weakness inform Dr. Boté on what is best done to get the problem solved. 

As a Fellowship trained surgeon, Dr. Boté is experienced in helping patients through the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

"I came to Alaska in 2014, like many of you, filled with a love of the outdoors and adventure.  I love to fish, hike and experience Alaska’s wilderness, and I know first-hand how demanding these activities are on the body.

Caring for those suffering from orthopedic pain is a challenge that I have been devoted to for over 20 years.  Your aches, pains and soreness are expressions of an underlying problem, and I am here to help define the root cause and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.  I have come to know the local healthcare community over the past few years in Soldotna and Kenai, and I am confident that the team of primary care physicians and physical therapists here will work closely with me to help get you back to what you love." -Herbert Boté, M.D.